The Labels: Edgy, black and white wine labels have become synonymous with K Vintners & Charles Smith Wines. Easily distinguishable from distance, in a sea of other wines, the “K label” has been a packaging coup from the first day it was released. This success is the result of the collaborative efforts of Charles Smith, providing the concept and Rikke Korff taking the concept and making it a creative reality.

K Vintners: The key features of the K Vintners label include the very graphic stark black & white color language as well as the crafted and rough hand drawn letters that more often than not find their way off the edge of the label. The hand drawn and individually hand placed letters are not only used on the larger and more prominent logos, but they are used everywhere, down to the alcohol % and the government warning.

Charles Smith Wines: The package encompasses found terms, such as ‘Kung Fu Girl,’ ‘The Velvet Devil,’ ‘Boom Boom!,’ etc. Names that you already know that will get your attention and that you are not likely to forget. The artwork is not something you would expect – stylish, edgy, and modern.

About Rikke Korff: The Label Designer and Friend
Rikke was raised in Denmark and exposed to simple and functional Danish aesthetic her whole life. Having extensive design training, she was headhunted out of design school during her last 6 months to begin a career at Levi Strauss & Co. where she became Design Director for the global premium lines before leaving to start her own design house. Rikke has been friends with Charles for over 17 years now and when he decided to start K Vintners, he asked Rikke to assist with all the visual aspects of the brand, from winery restoration and tasting room look to the logo and label ID and execution. “My style of design has always been and is always rooted in the pure perspective of functionality, timelessness & simplicity. I blend that well with the guts & raw directness of rock n’ roll to create future icons and cult brands.” Rikke Korff

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